Ski Johnsville Journal 1st Edition

Main Line Chair in Route to Johnsville

As the first snow flies of the New Year, a 2012 resolution quickly comes to mind: the redevelopment of the Johnsville Historic Ski Bowl and the installation of the recently acquired chair lift from Squaw Valley U.S.A. The Eastern Plumas Recreation District, the Plumas Ski Club and a dedicated group of local residents and businesses ask for your collaboration to make this resolution a reality.

With that in mind, we have initiated the first edition of the Ski Johnsville Journal to keep the community informed and engaged in the progress. Every few weeks we will share a topic of interest regarding the ski bowl with the community. Some topics will be informative in nature, some requesting active support, and still others will request ideas for improvements on the ski hill.

This past July, the idea of successfully disassembling the lift we purchased from Squaw Valley, transporting it, and securing local storage, appeared daunting. However, taking it one step at a time, with a tremendous amount of community assistance, we now have obtained a complete chair lift and two surface lifts, which are just waiting to be installed. The 10-year Operating Agreement with Plumas Eureka State Park fell into place last year as stakeholders came together in a cooperative effort- preparing to make a significant impact with a project that will benefit the entire community in so many ways; it’s hard to name them all here.

Up next is the 19th Annual Johnny Redsteake SnowBall 2012, this February 25th at Nakoma Golf Resort. A time to celebrate the accomplishments of many dedicated individuals, organizations and businesses over the last fifteen years and to look ahead to the culmination of those efforts in the months to come.

Between now and then, we are requesting donations of all types; gift certificates for services, lodging, restaurants, or other goods and local crafts. All items large and small will be auctioned during the evening at both a silent auction and a live auction. Prior to the SnowBall, all donated items will be featured on the Ski Johnsville website

The funds raised during the SnowBall will be used for the redevelopment of the Johnsville Historic Ski Bowl and to support the 2012 Historic Longboard races.  Please set the date aside and join us in a fun filled evening of camaraderie, fine food and live music as we set the stage for the redevelopment of our local ski hill.

Tickets for the event are now on-sale online here, Sprouting Roots Health Food Store, Plumas Sierra R.E.C., Chalet View Lodge, Eastern Plumas Chamber of Commerce in Graeagle, Pangaea, Quincy Natural Foods, and Nakoma Golf Resort.

You can also “Like” the Johnsville Historic Ski Bowl on Facebook. Join in the conversation, share memories, and help shape our community. See you at the SnowBall!



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  1. Dan Dan
    February 7, 2012    

    Fantastic! let’s get that bad boy in the ground! Maybe if you try to erect it now, you’ll jinx it into snowing like hell.

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